Zurbaran surprise in Seville
Zurbaran surprise in SevilleZurbaran surprise in Seville is hidden in a museum housing thirteen Archangels attributed to the painter Extremadura, among other works of art, in the convent of Holy Well lies. In an old square is named after the ancient Holy Well, hidden in the historical center of Seville. Discover our hotel in Seville city center with free wifi. Today the convent is a hospital which houses elderly cared for by Franciscan nuns. This legend arises due to the fall of a well child, the child's mother prayed to the Virgin. Overflowed Waters and the child was saved. Today is only the well, by lopping the possibility of drawing water, because it has a lot of work and do not want to become a place of pilgrimage. There are paintings and sculpture of our patron St. Nicholas of Bari in every corner. This church has beautiful places, with a Christ of Pedro Roldán, beautiful baroque altar with a golden center and the rest in wood and a curious Christ in a small urn, which vain to ask women to become pregnant. But the biggest surprise lies in the upper part of the convent, which saved with security cameras, there is a museum. Entering an anonymous painting of the sixteenth century shocking, entitled "The Plague in Seville". As many visitors coming to come to the Prado Museum (Madrid). Opens a corridor that is like an explosion and that is where we find the ten archangels, attributed to Zurbaran. The only problem is that the study is needed to confirm it is impossible to pay them. The museum has no fewer than six rooms that watch works of art as a Child Jesus Ruiz Gijón, a Virgin of Francisco Meneses, a San Miguel de Juan Espinal, a Divina Pastora Christopher Ramos or a collection of chalices and other pictures valuable as the Virgin of Amparo. You can also view a Baroque gilt wood bed, which places a image of the Virgin of the Transit, that procession of the convent. The museum is registered as such in the Andalusian and now has public tours, but you must call to fix it.

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