Transport from the airport to Seville
Transport from the airport to SevilleThe airport is closer to Seville thanks to the line Tussam EA that connects San Pablo airport to the Bus Station Plaza de Armas and the Paseo de Colón, 300 meters from our establishment. A major reorganization of the line to the mobility of tourists from San Pablo Airport in Seville and for different users in the city. This extension has eight stops, Plaza de Armas, Paseo de Colón, Carlos V Avenue, San Bernardo, Luis de Morales, Santa Justa station, Kansas City Avenue and airport every 20 to 30 minutes and starts its journey from Plaza de Armas at 4:30 and made the last departure from the airport at 1:15. The occupation of the line depends on the frequency of  daily flights "one day, the bus can be filled and the next day go almost empty. Not every hour or every day are equal. Furthermore line 3 has also made an expansion in 1800 meters by the neighborhood  Pino Montano for improving service to citizens which will feature seven new stops to serve a total of 15,100 inhabitants. If you are looking for accommodation in Seville close to the airport, see our offers.

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