Abraham Mateo in Seville Abraham Mateo in Seville
[caption id="attachment_53" align="alignleft" width="300"]Teatro Lope de Vega de Sevilla Theater Seville[/caption] This work, under the direction of Quino Folero reflects the customs and good manners that were inculcated with women from the time of the Franco dictatorship. The women were educated to serve their husbands and children, be obedient, honest, obedient, religious, charitable, faithful to his country, engaged in housework and everything with the greatest possible resignation. Llum Barrera, Mariola Fuentes and Concha Delgado are the actresses who reincarnate the role of these women between 30 and 70 were seen in the background, totally subjugated to the superiority of men in society, in which women could not get a life, just did what they were told they had to do, and what you were told they had to be. Despite the awfulness of this training applied on women for so many years, the work addresses this issue with comical tints. Where: Theatre Lope de Vega, Avenida María Luisa, Seville When: from 05 to December 8, 2013 Time: 20:30 pm / Sunday 19:30 pm Price: EUR 4-21 If you are looking for hotel in Seville near the Teatro Lope de Vega see our deals

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