Hotel Holy Week Seville

Hotel Holy Week Seville

Seville is more and more a city demanded by tourists and travelers from all over the world. Its impressive historical-artistic heritage, gastronomy, climate and traditions are attracting more and more people. However, one of the key dates is the well known Holy Week in Seville. In Adriano, for our enviable situation in the heart of the city we have become a Hotel for Holy Week in Seville of reference.

Placing in front of the Church-Brotherhood of El Baratillo, our guests will be able to enjoy the exit and entrance of this procession from the roof or the window of their habituation, with total tranquility and without having to spend much time standing. Our situation allows the visitor to be a few meters from the Official Race (place where all the brotherhoods), in the center and surrounded by the best gastronomic and leisure offer of the city. For this reason, we consider ourselves one of the best options like Hotel Semana Santa Sevilla.

History of Holy Week in Seville

The current Holy Week in Seville is the culmination of the Baroque shows that began to take place in Catholic Europe as a result of the Counter-Reformation. With these public spectacles, the Church intended to show its wealth and take the worship to the street, bringing it closer to the people to avoid possible Lutheran or Calvinist contortions in the countries that continued to venerate the Pope.

In the case of the Imperial Spain of the sixteenth century, this relationship with the Holy See was even closer, which is why the Baroque in this country reaches its highest levels.

The origin of these public processions is in the institutionalization of the Via Crucis, introduced in the city by the Marquis of Tarifa, Fadrique Enríquez de Ribera.

The stations of the Via Crucis were celebrated from the House of Pilate to the Cross of the Field and even today you can see some of the different stations of the route reflected in tiles. However, at the beginning of the seventeenth century the Cathedral Cabildo established the Official Race, that is, the space next to the Cathedral through which all Brotherhoods must pass. These, moreover, were grouped in guilds, reason of which many inherit its name: the Candelaria, the Panaderos, the Cigarreras ... although many others, in spite of this grouping, included different names.

This model continued with ups and downs until the middle of last century begins to establish the current one that enjoyed great success in the city and outside.

Dictionary of the Holy Week in Seville

Official Race: All Brotherhoods, regardless of the temple from which they leave must pass through here. It is a path that runs from the Plaza de la Campana until the procession crosses the Cathedral and ends in the Plaza Virgen de los Reyes. The visitor will quickly identify this route by being surrounded by chairs that can be rented to view all the processions without having to go through the center of the city.

  • Nazarenes: They are the people who perform the penitence season. You can identify them easily as they wear tunic, mask and capirote.
  • Pasos. It is the structure on which are placed the images of each brotherhood. The vast majority of sororities take two steps to perform penance station. However there are some with one or three steps.
  • Costaleros: They are the people who are in charge of transferring the steps from the temple of the Brotherhood to the Cathedral. They are placed under the step and they load it on their shoulders.
  • Capataz: Directs and guides the costaleros.
  • Chicota: A path that runs a step from when it rises (up), until it stops the march (arriá).
  • Saeta: Songs that, sometimes, different cantaores and cantaoras offer to the steps, generally from balconies near the place where they pass.

The Holy Week of Seville at Hotel Adriano

As we said before, your Hotel for Holy Week in Seville is just a few steps from the Official Race, where you can enjoy all the Brotherhoods that perform penitence station in the city.

In addition, many of them pass through the same street Adriano or its surroundings, so you will not have any problem in seeing all the processions you want. The Council of Brotherhoods and brotherhoods publishes the schedules and itinirarios of the brotherhoods.

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