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An option of great interest for those who enjoy archaeology and history, it is undoubtedly the Archaeological Museum of Seville. Despite being a regional museum, its value is uncountable, mainly because of the cultures that paraded through this space: Arabs, Romans and Tartessos, etc. Only the perfect location gives you value. In a beautiful building located in the Plaza de las Palomas or Plaza América, the collection of the Archaeological Museum of Seville is housed. Specifically next to the Royal Pavilion and facing the Mudéjar Pavilion, located in the famous Maria Luisa Park.

History of the Archaeological Museum of Seville

In the middle of the 19th century, the Archaeological Museum of Seville was created. On July 19, 1835, as a result of the disentailment, the Royal Order was approved by the Ministry of the Interior to protect the invaluable artistic works deposited in abolished convents. A Provincial Board composed of specialists valued such works.

The Provincial Commission of Monuments replaced the Board in 1844, later they completed the fine arts and archeological funds, to take them to the old convent where the Museum of Antiquities was created. The Pabellón de Bellas Artes was ceded to the Ministry of Education by the City Council of Seville in 1941, for the creation of the archaeological museum for the little space in La Merced.

After adjusting and verifying the building, the collections were moved there. On May 25, 1946, the new installation of the Archaeological Museum of Seville was inaugurated. The collections and the building on March 1 of the year 1962 were considered Historical Artistic Monument.

From there, the museum has been reorganized for 70 years with improvements and extensions. There are currently 27 rooms, to which the Carambolo room was added on the upper floor.

Collection of the Archaeological Museum of Seville

In Spain one of the most complete funds is held by the Archaeological Museum of Seville, which houses some 60,000 works, highlighting mainly the pieces corresponding to the Roman period. There are fewer pieces from the Visigothic, Hispanic-Muslim and late-antiquity periods.

In chronological order, the 27 rooms of the Archaeological Museum of Seville are ordered, beginning with the Lower Paleolithic until the Middle Ages. The building is distributed on a main floor, first floor and basement.

You can admire the works of prehistory in the basement. The objects of stone, ceramic, bone and copper are the most interesting and correspond to the Copper Age. On the first floor is El Tesoro del Carambolo, which belongs to the Tartessos (650 a.C.)

You can also see a majestic figure representing Astarte Goddess Phenicia. In the Archaeological Museum of Seville you can also see the treasures of Mairena and Ébora.

On the main floor the pieces of the Roman period stand out, almost all of Itálica. You can see sculptures of Mercury, Fortuna, Venus, Alejandro, Diana; portraits with Adriano and Trajano; mosaics; trade; the epigraphy; the funerary world, ceramics; among others. You can also see an interesting collection of legal documents and a mosaic of the Judgment of Paris.

Archaeological Museum of Seville Treasure of Carambolo

The Archaeological Museum of Seville has gained greater prestige not only for the artistic and archaeological repertoire of the Roman period, but also for the Carambolo Treasure with 21 pieces made by the Phoenicians in 25 carat gold.

Entrance price to the Archaeological Museum of Seville

The price of general admission is 1.5 euros. Entry is free for citizens of the European Union.

Schedule of the Archaeological Museum of Seville

The schedule of the Archaeological Museum of Seville, from September 1 to June 30 (winter) is as follows:

On Mondays it is closed, Tuesdays until Saturdays from 09: 00h to 21: 00h.

Monday eve for public holidays, holidays and Sundays the hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

From July 31 to August 31 (summer):

Closed Mondays, holidays, from Tuesday to Sunday, Monday eve of holidays from 09:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Address of the Archaeological Museum of Seville

If you want to visit the Museum you can go to the Plaza de América- S / N C.P. 41013 in Seville. (Maria Luisa Park). You can call the following number: +34 9555 12 06 32

Where to make a virtual visit to the Archaeological Museum of Seville

Through the official website of Museums of Andalusia you can take a virtual look at exhibitions, collections, activities, educational programs, among others.

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