Biogeography Congress in Seville 2014
Biogeography Congress in Seville 2014The University of Seville (former Mexico Pavilion, Paseo de las Delicias with Avenue Eritaña) will host from 23 to 26 September, the VIII Biogeography Congress in Seville 2014. The motto of the VIII Biogeography Congress will be plant Systems and wildlife in coastal environments: Advances in characterization, dynamics and criteria for the conservation. This motto encompasses a wide range of possibilities as herbaceous, vegetation formations, shrubs, trees, wildlife and natural processes of functioning of the coastal environment. It is the main aim of the conference. A specific section on Latin American tropical character will also be developed, due to the large number of participants Latin American researchers. Anyway, the conference is open to all biogeographic issues.

Congress on flora and fauna in coastal environments in Seville

Congress supports two types of written scientific contributions: -Oral Communication: the defense is made orally, with support from Microsoft PowerPoint or other comparable application. -Poster Communication: the defense is made orally supported by Poster. As the main novelty of this edition, the Organising Committee understand as oral communication, those presenting discussion of results obtained, but those that expose research results, such as data and analytical and cartographic processing, will be considered communications poster. Other activities of the Congress will be a Conference and a roundtable.

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