Congress Research and Gender 2014 in Seville
Congress Research and Gender 2014 in SevilleThe Faculty of Science of Labour in Seville will host the 3rd and 4th of July V International University Congress "Research and Gender 2014." This conference is a meeting place for people, who researching Universities and other scientific centers in different areas of knowledge, want to expose the results of those investigations into topics related to Women Studies. Conferences, panels and scientific sessions will be used for exposures.

Congress at the Faculty of Science of Labor

The main objectives of the conference are: 1) Promote research in the field of women and gender 2) Create interest in new research 3) Meet the initiatives and the results of work carried out in universities and other research centers 4) Try to introduce the gender perspective in the investigations and in teaching in daily work and in society in general 5) Facilitate the exchange of research experiences in every branch of knowledge 6) Deepen the results of research in gender studies in academic activity 7) Disseminate the investigations and contributions made by universities in this field.

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