San Miguel Fair of Seville
Bulls in San Miguel Fair of SevilleThe return to the Maestranza bullring in Seville on 27 September when they will start the fair of San Miguel with an exciting duel between two young people who have stomped this season: Antonio Nazaré and Jimenez Fortes, who meet to a run of José Luis Pereda - The Dehesilla. The celebration will begin at six o'clock. The Plaza de Toros of the Royal Cavalry of Seville is considered one of the most important squares and more traditional bullfighting in Spain. Known as "La Maestranza". It is one of the oldest squares, most beautiful and tourist attraction. It was the first place to have a circular shape (oval). During the Feria de San Miguel in 1915 was the first time he cut off his ear in La Maestranza and the protagonist was Joselito el Gallo. The show in Seville is in the ring, with the first figures-, and in the stands, is populated by an amateur wise, tolerant and, in its way, cruel. The famous "silence" of the Arsenal, punishable by indifference to the bullfighters. A big win in the Arsenal early in the season can be used to place up to a bullfighter for several years. All festivities will start at 18.00. The lockers for the Feria de San Miguel will open at the following times: Monday 23 and Tuesday September 24, 10 to 14 hours Wednesday 25 and Thursday September 26, 10 to 14 and from 17 to 20 hours. The days of holding the celebrations on Friday 27, Saturday 28 and Sunday September 29 offices remain open continuously from 10 am until the time of the start of the celebration. Visit this fair of San Miguel and stay at the nearest hotel to the Bullring of Seville

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