Grease in Seville
Grease in SevilleCoinciding with the 40th anniversary of its premiere on Broadway , Grease The Musical, presented from 3th to January  6th, 2014 at th eCongress Hall of Seville a new large format mounting under the artistic direction and choreography and musical Coco Comin address Manu Guix . Check our express offers if you look for Hotel in the center of Seville.   Edurne and Jordi Coll in the roles of Sandy and Danny , respectively , leading a company of 33 artists, plus a rock band 6 musicians on stage . GREASE is a 1971 musical by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey. The musical is named for the working-class youth subculture of the early 50s whose members were known as the " greasers " . The musical, set in 1959 at Rydell High School, follows the adventures of a group of teenagers, who move between the complexities of love , cars and racing. And all spiced with the sounds of first- rock and roll! GREASE The secret is not only in their fabulous and catchy score , and their devilish choreography. What has made GREASE endure over generations is his authenticity , his portrait , sometimes hard , often "rogue " , but always near- by a group of teenagers facing the most basic emotions and the most basic conflicts every teenager . When Jacobs and Casey decided on a musical homage to rockabilly and the world " greaser " what were clear: students Rydell are none other than the generation that had studied with them, were "themselves " in a way. They knew the players "very closely " , hence its authenticity.

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