Hombres G in Seville Hombres G in Seville


The famous musical group Hombres G, presents a concert on October 17 in the Auditorium Rocio Jurado in Seville.


There are now 30 years since this famous group of musicians and singers was created with an excellent international career, Latin American countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Colombia, have witnessed the concerts of this renowned group.


Hombres G in concert in Seville


To celebrate 30 years of its creation; David Summers, Daniel Mezquita, Javier Molina and Rafael Gutiérrez, more well known as the group Hombres G, they are presented in Seville with his latest album titled 30 years and one day, a new double CD album and DVD with some of their well-known songs and sung by millions of people, new songs, concerts of its beginnings and videos.


The concert starts at 22:00 in the Auditorium of Seville Rocio Jurado, the ticket prices range between 25.00 and 30.00 euro.

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