The viewing-points of Seville
The viewing-points of SevilleSeville, although there is only one, is different depending on the point from where you look.  Then propose some strategic points of the city to enjoy the wonderful views it offers. A little over 10 miles from the center of Seville in Coca Piñera, Camas, find a large and elevated green space, that few people know. From there we can enjoy a little-known Seville. Especially during the night, the visit is spectacular, you can see the whole city, with its main monuments illuminated.  In the center of the city, we can enjoy, since one year ago, the viewpoint of the Metropol Parasol, with an approximate height of 25 meters which gives a complete view of the city from the central square Encarnación, showing us the immensity and beauty of our city, Seville.  Also in the center we can enjoy the Perdigones Tower, in which interior there is a dark camera, showing live the life of the city, which can be very funny, especially at certain times of the day.  In the Cartuja monastery, near the Gardens of the Guadalquivir, we can find the Schindler Tower, from which we can get another perspective of the city, including the majestic river and its bridges, especially the La Barqueta and Alamillo.  But undoubtedly, the most traditional and historic Seville, can be discover from the earliest  viewpoint built in the heart of the city, La Giralda. Adding to the visit the opportunity to walk  the decks of the Cathedral, where we will have a beautiful picture of La Giralda. From here, we get the more classical vision of Seville, may highlight buildings such as the Archive of the Indies, the Barrio de Santa Cruz and Real Alcazar. Hotels in the historic center of Seville

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