Maria Luisa Park Seville Maria Luisa Park Seville

Spanish architecture and nature mingle very pleasantly in the Park María Luisa de Sevilla. As a result, this piece of land has become one of the most beautiful places in the world. Do you know anything about this park in Spain? Then be sure to read this content that reveals all the more salient aspects of this Seville place. Discover this magical Park of Sevilla!

Aspects of importance of the Park María Luisa de Sevilla

The Maria Luisa Park is a wooded complex as urban park in general. It is considered the most spectacular green lung of the city of Seville and he was declared of cultural interest in the year of 1983.

Initially, these spaces were part of the private gardens of the Palace of San Telmo. However, in 1983 they were donated to the city by María Luisa de Borbón, widowed Duchess of Montpensier and infanta. The name of this park comes from there! It has an area of 34 hectares and has a great diversity of plant space.

This Park is so well preserved that you can see almost the same to as it did in 1929. Date in which the Ibero-American exhibition took place! In fact, on the occasion of this exhibition is that several buildings were carried out in the Park. The most outstanding are the famous Plaza of Spain and America Plaza as such.

If everything else were not enough, this park also has a wide variety of birds. Songbirds, peacocks, swans, ducks and others lie in this beautiful territory of Seville. You have to know it!

Why visit the Park of María Luisa de Sevilla?

If the previously mentioned important aspects you do not convince visit the Park, this may do so. Then you'll see listed some reasons why you should visit this spectacular plant enclosure:

1 this space serves as a wonderful Botanical Garden! Its wide variety of trees and plants will make that you realize the biodiversity in the world.

2 you have an Arabesque style that gives much mysticism and grace to all the atmosphere that there unfolds.

3 there are a lot of doves which you can observe at all times. This has given this place the nickname of "parque de las palomas".

4 it has a variety of gazebos that are located in different corners of the Park. Truth that is enough and its single view is as revealing as incredible stroll.

5 you can lose yourself and find yourself in this plant and urban space. Your single connection with the environment makes anyone feel revitalized.

Do you need more reasons to visit the Park! Feel minimal contact with nature and spend a pleasant time in a space dedicated to nature. Remember that this park also has amazing architecture that alone stand out too much. Imagine if you take them all together!

A journey which we are sure will not forget is that clearer if you go to María Luisa Park in Spain. What are you waiting to do so?

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