Night concerts in Alcázar - Seville 2018 Night concerts in Alcázar - Seville 2018

Between Thursday 14 and Saturday 23 of June will take place several concerts for the 19th edition of the "Nights in the Gardens of the Alcázar 2018".
The musical styles of the first week will be: Flamenco, World music and Other music. The second week will have a wider variety of styles, since we will have, in addition to the previous week, 150th anniversary of the birth of Scott Joplin and the centenary of the death of Claude Debussy

Programming of Concerts in the Alcázar de Sevilla

· Thursday 14: (Flamenco) "El sentido del cambio" with Dani de Morón (guitar).
Programming of Concerts in the Alcázar de Sevilla· Friday 15: (Music of the world) "The musical paths of the Atlantic" with Stolen Notes: Juan Jiménez Almaraz (Irish flute and whistles), Alejo Parra Uilleann (pipes / Irish bagpipes), José Moreno (bodhrán and mandola), Rafael Álvarez (accordion) and John Conde (guitar).
· Saturday 16: (Other music) "From flamenco to other music" with Andrés Barrios Trío: Andrés Barrios (piano), Daniel Arjona (electric bass) and Fran Hurtado (percussion).
· Monday 18: (Other music) "The birth of Hot Jazz" with The Dixielab: Paula Padilla (voice and ukulele), Matías Comino (guitar and banjo), Daniel González (double bass), Nacho Botonero (trumpet, sax and clarinet) and Pablo Cabra (battery and washboard).
· Tuesday 19: (Old Music) "Avrix mi galanica (Music of the Sephardic tradition)" with Emilio Villalba & Sephardica: Emilio Villalba (strings plucked and rubbed), Sara Marina (percussion and keyboards) and Ángeles Núñez (singing). "Voices of salt" cycle.
· Wednesday 20: (Flamenco) "What the moon asks" with Antonia Fernández (cantaora) and Riki Rivera (guitar).
· Thursday 21: (Other music) "From Ragtime to Boogie Woogie" with Lluís Coloma (piano). "150th anniversary of Scott Joplin's birth" cycle.
· Friday 22: (Classical Music) "Debussy: genius and ascendant" with Mariarosaria D'Aprile (violin) and Tommaso Cogato (piano). Cycle "Centenary of the death of Claude Debussy".
· Saturday 23: (World music) "The bloomsday (folk and folk music of Ireland)" with Rubén Díez Trio: Rubén Díez (flutes and whistles), John Conde (acoustic guitar and bouzouki) and Javier Delgado (double bass).

Attendance at night concerts at the Alcazar of Seville

We can buy tickets at the ticket office of the Apeadero del Real Alcázar for € 6 or € 7 if you book by phone or online.
The concerts will start at 10:30 p.m. Access to the enclosure must be made through the Puerta de la Alcoba of the Reales Alcázares de Sevilla (Paseo Catalina de Ribera), located next to the Murillo Gardens.




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