New attraction in Seville
New attraction in Seville On your next visit to the city of Seville, be sure to be one among the few lucky ones who carry in their memories, the experience of watching from above some regions of Andalusia. This new attraction GLOOBO company organizes and makes available to all those who enjoy this type of adventure. With the hot air balloon ride, you can fly over the sites as the Guadiamar Green Corridor, The Aljarafe of Seville, pine of Aznalcar or Chucena and and environment or Doñana Natural Park. The sensations experienced are unique and new, from the thrill of this exciting ride up the experience of feeling from above the feeling of a true and pure clean air, without ruling out the opportunity to make excellent aerial photos of the areas through which the balloon goes. The requirements for this magnificent ride are, be over 8 years old and eager to have fun. And remember that flying in a hot air balloon is letting the wind carried you to the place where dreams come from. For more information, please contact directly to out hotel reception and receive all the information and prices of the rides. Approximate ride 70-90 minutes. You can also request information on the website In the hotels of Seville center you will find information about these tours and many others.

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