Past View in Seville
Past ViewPast View Seville is a new tourism system that allows travelers to travel in time in the places they visit. The city of Seville has been the first city in the world to use this new tourism resource. Since last November 9, Sevillians and visitors to the city will enjoy the experience Past View Seville. They are new technologies applied to tourism. It is a pioneering product in the world to know Seville through the centuries, and now is available for locals and tourists who want to participate in each of their routes. Created by an initiative of an enterprise 100% from Seville, it is a device of virtual recreation with embedded audio with which you can visit Seville through the centuries. A new way to understand the tourism. The Executive Manager of Past View, Jorge Robles, says that it has been an intense work on the project and have turned a dream into reality. The effort of a team of historians, computer scientists, actors and tourism professionals has paid off turning what seemed like science fiction, a childlike enthusiasm, to be able to travel in time, into something real that can enjoy Sevillians and visitors. Seville is the first city in the world where you can enjoy the experience Past View. See how were the buildings, shops, streets, squares. Interact with the characters of this period, which will guide and will show all the details of what users see. In addition, a GPS system will keep you permanently geolocated. With Past View will be possible to be part of history by immersing the user in it. Past View has received a national award from over 2,000 tourism proposals. In addition, big multinationals as Sacyr, Vodafone or Pullmantur are project partners. Past View Seville has the support of the Tourism Consortium of Seville and addresses all historical periods, the moments of greatest splendor of the capital of Andalusia: The Hispalis Roman, Almohad Isbiliya, the Cervantes´ Seville, Murillo´s and the the XXI century. For that has been established two routes to use Past View: Past View Seville  and Past View Metropol. - Past View Metropol is the videoguide interpretative one of the most modern buildings in the city. It is also a window to the past Roman Seville that take people to the Hispalis of the second century aC through a 3D recreation infographic. Finally, there is a place to revive one of the magical moments in the history of Seville: The Expo92. All this from the viewpoint of space Metropol Parasol. - Past View Seville is a walking route that starts from the Plaza de la Encarnación and passes through different parts of the city in which you can enjoy historical reenactments using the device. At each of the stops on the route will be shown different periods like Andalusian Isbiliya or Seville Golden Age. Book your accommodation in Seville city center with the best deals.

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