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Considered the largest Plaza in Seville, Plaza Nueva is a beautiful place located in the central area of this wonderful city and you can see in front of it the City Council of Seville. The city's most important shopping streets lead to the new Plaza in Seville, such as Avenida de la Constitución and calle Tetuan.

It is a place where you can enjoy tapas bars, cafes, is an area of game and ride for the little ones. In the new Plaza of Seville trade fairs, celebrations and concerts of the city are made. When travel to Seville you can not miss this beautiful square.

Brief history of the new Plaza de Sevilla

A community of Franciscans finishing 13th century was located in the area, constituting the convent of San Francisco; which was partially destroyed and flames consumed it in 1810 because of a fire. For this reason, the area was restored almost in its entirety as a public square.

Arquillo, San Onofre Chapel are some remains of the great convent, adjacent to the Town Hall, which allows access to the plaza de San Francisco. During the year 1852 the Town Hall is renovated, giving finished the construction of the new Plaza in Seville.

At certain times the square was named with different names: after the revolution of the year 1868 was called liberty square; Plaza de Infanta Isabel; to commemorate the Plaza de San Francisco convent; in 1873 square of the Republic, and after the restoration in 1875 as Plaza de San Fernando.

It is in 1936 that receives the name of new square in Seville, previously called as the square of the Republic at the time of the second Republic. It has undergone various reforms, but retains the original form.

The new Plaza de Sevilla is a pioneer in plantations of palms and flower boxes, then Orange and oriental plane trees are planted. He was also a pioneer in the use of modern means of lighting electrical and gas. Currently it has lanterns made in wrought iron.

Plaza Nueva Sevilla now

The new Plaza in Seville today offers different services: newsagents, metal chairs, flowers or sweets and several urinals. Different lines of tram stops were previously and after bus.

It was remodeled in 2006, with the pedestrian areas and parking of bicycles, banks and station of Metro/downtown (only public transportation authorized for this purpose) were placed.

Spaces that you can enjoy in the new Plaza de Sevilla

For people who like to enjoy a place full of history and quiet, you can visit the new Seville square and admire the following spaces.

The facade facing the square of San Francisco, was Diego de Riaño, who began to build it during the 15th century. Plateresque reliefs with characters historical, and mythical emblems of the founders of Seville can be seen in the two floors of the building.

The other facade originates during the nineteenth century during the Reformation, after creating the new Plaza de Sevilla, designed by Balbino Marron and Demetrio de los Ríos, authors of the main facade of the consistory of neoclassic.

Be reorganized at the same time, the internal part of the building next to two patios, the room of the Council on a ground floor, a special vault and a huge staircase where you can enter to the area of the top floor (Sala Capitular high).

You can also admire the building of Telefonica, which was built between 1926 and 1929 by Juan Talavera and Heredia.

Visit the new Plaza de Sevilla can see the chapel of San Onofre, you will be amazed with this small chapel, a true masterpiece of Baroque architecture. Here the perpetual Eucharistic adoration takes place, volunteers accompanied by permanently to the Blessed Sacrament.

The Longoria home from the year 1917 can see in corner its lookout tower, rather unique body and close my balcony. Next to the Town Hall in a corner, you can see the Banco de Bilbao a building that was constructed with a perfect classical rationalist style in 1950.

Rates and schedules to visit the new Plaza de Sevilla

The new Plaza de Sevilla can visit them in the afternoon in the schedule from 16:30 until 19:30 from Monday to Thursday.

The days from 10:30 hours Saturday. The value of the entry currently is 4 euros.

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