Seville Tourist Jewel 2012
Seville Tourist Jewel 2012The city of Seville is positioned as one of the ten tourist Jewels 2012. This list is elaborated by the readers of the British magazine Wanderlust. If you are looking for hotels in the center of Seville, our hotel is perfect for visiting the city for its location and value for money. The City Council of Seville emphasized the importance of this study because it has international repercussions. Besides the preferred tourist positioning achieved, thus competing with other highly visited destinations in the world. Coinciding with this news, the City Council is considering the possibility of increasing visits to it. With a view to a wider dissemination of the cultural, historical and heritage of the city. The complete list of these 10 jewels is: Luang Prabang, Laos, Kyoto, Japan, Siena, Italy, Udaipur, India, Siem Reap, Cambodia, Granada, Spain, Cartagena, Colombia, Seville, Spain, Berlin, Alemania and Venice, Italy.

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