Seville promotes its best tourism in Madrid

Seville promotes its best tourism in MadridSeville promotes its best tourism of autumn and Christmas in Madrid. In fact, the city of the Andalusian capital, together with the set of all the hotels in the city, have to be careful in order to promote conference tourism and cultural.

Although not as intensely, Seville stands out as dining destination, even as a city setting for the filming of several movies, as was Stars Wars, or the latest, the Game of Thrones in palaces like the Alcazar. It's a very important role, and also gives local work.

Traveling in Seville

After making several scales and investigations, we can consider that Madrid became the first Spanish tourism city visited by people from Madrid. In this last period of the year, they have come to our city more than 885,000 travelers, the vast majority AVE, and have stayed in almost 90% of the hotels in the city, having counted nearly 260,000 overnight stays. It is clear that between Madrid and Seville there is something special.

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