Theatre Il Gondoliero di Triana
Theatre Il Gondoliero di Triana Il Gondoliero di Triana by Marcelo Casas company is represented in the Sala Cero of Seville on 25 October to 3 November. This comedy full of humor and at the same time saved the absurd but without lack of wit, narrates the adventures of the main character of the work, Luigi . Luigi , the famous Luigi Candeli’s nephew, was born in Triana and from his earliest years he was in charge the whole family , forcing him to start working at an early age . The work tells us the adventures and situations he has to spend to get ahead, all without being safe from problems . Luigi is a seductive character , manly and handsome, but mostly problems magnet . He got a gondola , with which he founded the bank of the Guadalquivir and became the first and only Gondoliero di Triana , hence his nickname is coming . Place: Sala Cero,  Sol Street, 5  Seville Date: October 25 to November 3, 2013 Time : Thursdays and Sundays at 20:30 . Fridays and Saturdays at 20:30 and 22:30 hours. Point of sale : If you are looking for hotels in Seville to attend this play , we are in the heart of the city. See our offers.

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