The Aquarium of Seville The Aquarium of Seville

For people who are visiting Seville and are in search of an attractive place for family enjoyment, you can not miss the Seville Aquarium. This wonderful place is located on the banks of the Guadalquivir, in an attractive environment located near the famous María Luisa Park, Expo pavilions of 29 and Paseo de la Palmera.

It is a place that has become one of the favorite attractions for people traveling with children and of course for those who love the history of Spain and navigation. If it was not in your travel plans, do not forget to include a visit to this wonderful place with 400 different species and about 7,000 specimens for the enjoyment of all.

Aquarium in Seville

Acuario de Sevilla

Not only the Aquarium of Seville is beautiful, in general the whole area has a particular beauty, the view to the aquarium, a restaurant, the river and a graceful terrace that includes remote-controlled boats for children.

You can enjoy 10,000 square meters of an extensive exhibition with huge tanks of a depth of up to 9 meters, as well as a spectacular diversity of fluvial and marine fauna where the hammerhead and bull shark species stand out.

Reptiles, sea turtles and fish of 400 species await you at the Aquarium of Seville. The central tank of the Aquarium of Seville is impressive because of its enormous size, aquariums rich in coral reefs, huge sharks and crocodile environments. In addition, there is an area where you can have contact with sea urchins and starfish.

The plot thread of the Aquarium of Seville begins with the trip of the Magallanes during the year 1519, in search of an alternative way to the Portuguese to reach the Islands of Spices. The Spaniard Elcano was the one who completed this historic journey alongside a small group of battered sailors with unimaginable experiences when going around the world.

Enjoy the tour of the Aquarium

You can see that the theme of the Seville Aquarium is the journey of Elcano and Magallanes, through which a wide diversity of ecosystems of the planet is shown harmonizing with the areas covered during the first trip around the world.

 The Canary Islands, the Guadalquivir, Patagonia, Brazil, the Philippines and the southern seas are some of the places reached by the historic expedition. When visiting the Aquarium of Seville you can admire numerous fluvial and marine species in the different world ecosystems.

The entrance to the huge shark tank is preceded by the vast naval marine life of the Canary Islands and the spectacular Amazonian environment where curious reptiles and beautiful fish, the matamata turtle or the alligator are found.

 You will be able to see in some tanks a magnificent representation of the Nao Victoria, vessel with which ended the trip Juan Sebastián Elcano around the planet, after the death in the Philippines of Magallanes.

Night with sharks, a special activity for children

We have talked about all the spaces in general, but one of the most attractive activities especially for the little ones, is the Night with sharks which joins the enjoyment of the great variety of species of fish, starfish, sharks, octopuses or fish surgeons during a time lapse of 90 minutes.

Remembering perfectly the historic and memorable trip around the new world of Magallanes, crossing the Atlantic, the Guadalquivir, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific.

Let your little ones enjoy the night with sharks inside the aquarium, during the night the children will be together with the sharks in different fun activities, they can also enjoy a delicious dinner and a pleasant breakfast in an environment with fish.

Schedules and fees for the Seville Aquarium

You can visit the Seville Aquarium almost all year round in the hours from 10 am to 9 pm, this time will depend on the season. Regarding the rates, it has a cost of 15 euros for adults in general, children the rate is reduced and children under 4 years of age, admission is free.

If you travel with children under 4 years of age do not forget the identification, especially if the size of the child exceeds the average according to age. The Aquarium of Seville has a cafeteria and a shop, the cafeteria has external tables and inside.

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