The bridge of Isabel II of Seville The bridge of Isabel II of Seville

An impressive structure made of iron, the Isabel II Bridge of Seville. A masterpiece!  Read on here and find out more about this construction in Seville, which deserves to be known. It's time to talk about the so-called Isabel II Bridge!

General characteristics of the Isabel II bridge in Seville

The Isabel II Bridge was built between 1845 and 1852 by two French engineers. It is made of iron and is responsible for linking the city of Seville with the famous Triana quarter. It cross the Guadalquivir River in a spectacular way! This is the oldest iron bridge in Spain, which replaced an old bridge of boats. Isabel II was the reigning queen of the time where the bridge was built. That's why the bridge is called like this!

Since the bridge connects Triana with Seville, it is also known as the Triana Bridge. However, this is not its official name and it is therefore wrong to refer to it in this way.

What are the characteristics of the bridge? Well, among its main features you can find the following:

  • Three arches of approximately 44 meters each one. This makes the bridge length an average of 133 metres.
  • Iron distributed evenly over the bridge and coming from El Pedroso.
  • Containment ramp that goes up to San Jorge Street.


There is no doubt that this bridge is one of the many important monuments in Spain. You have to see by your own eyes!

Highlights of the Isabel II bridge in Seville

On the other hand, we can also add several interesting aspects of the Isabel II iron Bridge. Among these aspects, many repairs and modifications have been made to the bridge over time stand out. The truth is this bridge was not subject to the best conditions for its construction. The ground at both ends of the bridge wasn´t stable at all!

Although the bridge was inaugurated in 1852, it was not until 1881 that the bridge ceased to receive consolidation work. Then, it started a new phase of reforms that ended around 1918 with the replacement of the board. Now, the bridge had the capacity to support heavier vehicles and a much more general transit.

His final work was completed around 2010, which included a bicycle-only road. But this is not the only thing of interest on this bridge! It also has the title of National Historical Monument of Seville, due to its importance in such a big city.

Interestingly, for the widening of the bridge in 1918, a chapel had to be demolished near the bridge. This led to the need to create another chapel, so that this part of the city would have some. This is how the new Chapel of Carmen de Sevilla was born!

A bridge with history, solidity and beautiful enough to be considered a must-seen monument. You have to see it for yourself!

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