Las setas de Sevilla | Metropol Parasol The mushrooms of Seville | Metropol Parasol

Do you want an excuse to visit Seville?  What do you think about seeing the mushrooms from Seville? This ostentatious urban art is available for your now. Get to know it completely and let yourself be surprised by the wonders that human beings can build. The Metropol Parasol is waiting for you!

What is the Metropol Parasol or the Mushrooms of Seville

Metropol Parasol is a most curious structure that is located in the Encarnación Square in Seville. It is officially known as the Seville mushrooms and has impressed many since its inauguration. This work is composed mainly of laminated wood and is formed by a grid in the shape of a parasol. It is supported by six different pillars that cover both the Encarnacion’s square and the Mayor Square in Seville. Wood and concrete are the key components of the production process.

If we talk about the dimensions of the Encarnación’s mushrooms, we can say that they are impressive. It measures between 105 x 70 meters wide and a height that oscillates between 27 meters. Construction has several sectors of interest such as:

  • The Gastrosol of events, located on the upper floor.
  • The mushroom balcony, located at the southern end of the building, allows you to enjoy a great view of Seville.
  • The metropol events, a multipurpose space that is surrounded by the city centre.

Below the central structure of the Metropol Parasol is the Mayor Square as mentioned above. In it, it is very common that they carry out all kinds of events for everyone, which are a great tourist attraction. In fact, as far as tourism is concerned, it is worth mentioning that Seville mushrooms have a lot to offer. Inside you will find an archaeological museum, an official shop and a tourist information point. There are also markets and restaurants.  There is enough to see and admire in the Mushrooms of Seville!

Construction of the Mushrooms of Seville

The mushrooms of Seville come to life only and exclusively to raise the attractiveness of the square where it is located. This same one, it was quite neglected and greatly diminished. For this reason, the City Council of Seville launched a competition that would greatly raise this popular leisure area. He do it!

The architect who designed this great work of art is called Jürgen Mayer. Its design is inspired by the vaults of the cathedral of Seville, although taken to a new and fascinating level.

The work began in June 2005, with a planned completion date for 2007. However, there were several problems with this construction. In the first instance, the company responsible for carrying out this construction claimed that it was not technically reliable. This was because it had not been proven that this complex construction was capable of supporting itself. Despite this, the city council continued with the work and it was until February 2010 when the solution was known.

In order to solve the weight of the structure, it was decided to use birch wood sheets for the sunshades. 25 million in the final cost of the work. However, it was really worth the investment!

Finally, in March 2011 the structure was inaugurated and since then, it is impressing everyone. It's a really incredible structure!

Awards and more considerations of Metropol Parasol

In January 2013, the Metropol Parasol space was chosen as one of the finalists of the architecture award. This award is known as the Mies Van der Rohe Prize for Contemporary Architecture and is held throughout Europe. Apart from that, it has also been praised by the world's largest organizations and press. An attractive tourist site in Spain without a doubt!

If we talk about further considerations of the Metropol Parasol, we should not neglect its undulatory aspect. It is the same one that gives the illusion of mushrooms if it is observed superficially. In view of this, in 2013 the nickname of Setas becomes official, thus creating a lasting trademark.

Without a doubt, this is a construction of 3500 square meters that you cannot miss. Especially if you're from Spain!

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