The Tower of Gold of Seville The Tower of Gold of Seville

Are you on a stroll through Seville and you don't know where to go?, then go to the Tower of Gold in Seville. This spectacular construction is something that deserves to be visited at least once in a lifetime. Therefore, don't miss the opportunity to learn more about this work right here, without going too far. Be sure to appreciate all the secrets and curiosities of the Tower of Gold!

Important aspects of the Tower of Gold of Seville

The so-called Tower of Gold of Seville is nothing more than an architectural construction located in that Spanish city. More specifically speaking, it is located next to the Maestranza bullring, to the left of the Guadalquivir River. It is a spectacular tower of 36 meters high that rises imposingly on the Spanish soil.

The history of the Tower of Gold begins in 1220, when the locals needed to protect themselves. This construction was the defense system that the citizens of Almohad possessed by this time. Since then and to date, this construction has remained in place. Of course, it has had many restorations and remodeling, the last one was carried out in 2005.

This tower is currently the headquarters of one of Spain's maritime museums. This museum has more than 400 different pieces from the Naval Museum in Madrid.

Basically, this tower consists of three different bodies. The first two are dodecagonal and were carried out in different instances of time. The last body, cylindrical in shape and with a golden dome, was made after the Lisbon earthquake in 1755.

The name of this particular tower derives from its continuous golden shine that could be reflected in the river. It was believed that this same gloss was due to a tile covering on the tower. It is now known that the gloss is actually due to a mixture of pressed straw and lime mortar.

Curiosities of the Tower of Gold of Seville

Like any old building, this one cannot escape from some interesting and curious aspects. Between these aspects it’s possible to find:

  1. Its origin fortified. As already said, this tower was the first defence of Seville and therefore it is considered a flanking tower.
  2. The Giralda, also located in Seville, is twice the height of the Gold Tower.
  3. The three bodies were built in three different periods of time. The first was created in 1221, the second around the 14th century and the third in 1760.
  4. In 1868, the revolutionaries of the time removed the canvases from the walls to sell them. Because of Hispanic community at the time, the tower was not completely destroyed. This went down in history as one of the most complicated moments of the Gold Tower.
  5. It has been declared a historical-artistic monument since 1931 and was visited by Alfonso XIII in 1923.

Without a doubt, a tourist attraction of Seville that is really worth visiting and appreciating. History, beauty and much more is hidden behind the walls of this extraordinary stage.

Myths and legends of the Tower of Gold of Seville

Because of this tower has so much time, it is obvious that it has so many legends. Some of them are based on real facts and others are popular inventions. Now you'll meet the most famous:

  • The Golden Tower of Seville was a storehouse of gold bullion brought from America. This is totally false of course, as it is known that gold and silver was kept in the trading house.
  • There was a chain from the tower to the other side of the river. This, in order to link the golden tower with another smaller tower called Tower of the Fortress. This is a myth, because this tower never existed.
  • In the years around 1755, the Marquis Del Monte Real tried to demolish the tower to widen the path. However, the Sevillians of the time prevented this from happening. This is totally true, even having direct intervention of the king included.

How fascinating it can be a structure like this that dates back more than 800 years!

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