XIII Scientific Meeting of the Spanish Foundation of Modern History (FEHM)
International trade represented one of the historic-economic phenomena relevant to the modern age. It created wealth and culture, established relations between different countries and continents, gave work to citizens of very different condition and fortune, interested to thinkers, originated own institutional systems and introduced into political life. Historians have often concerned for it and its studio has undergone numerous conceptual and methodological changes over the years. This continuous renewal now permanent moves that periodically organize scientific forums to present ideas and new findings, summarizing contributions and suggest new ways. This time is the University of Seville which will organize this XIII FEHM Scientific Meeting to be held on 4, 5 and 6 June 2014. On page www.fehm2014.us.es can find all the latest information about the event. The meeting will focus on two thematic areas, each divided in turn into four sections:
  1. International trade in the Modern Age
A1. The bourgeoisie business: agents, families, nations, networks A2. The market towns A3. Instruments, routes and trade practices A4. Trade policies and institutions
  1. Life and culture in modern Spain: practices and representations
B1. The dimensions of the everyday B2. The story of feelings and emotions B3. The writing, the book and the circulation of ideas B4. The construction of reality: images and worldviews If you are looking for hotel deals in the center of Seville ask us

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