Shopping center Costco in Seville
Shopping center Costco in SevilleAt the end of 2013 the American company Costco will open a shopping center in the called City of the Image in Seville. The giant of the American commercial surfaces lands in Seville. Costco has begun the development works in the grounds of South Higueron, between Pino Montano and Valdezorras, to be the standard bearer in the municipal project that was called the City of the Image, the moment in which there will be no media companies despite the name, in which it is confirmed the launch also a DIY product center, Bricodepot, and a fast-food restaurant of the chain McDonald's. Costco will be first to be installed at a cost of between 11 and 12 million euros to build a sales area of 13,500 square meters. Costco Wholesale Corporation is the giant of the distribution in the U.S. and the UK, a chain specializing in shopping club that does not have a presence in continental Europe and that will make the jump just beginning in Seville. Thus the center that will open in the Andalusian capital has enormous significance to serve as a showcase for their next openings in Spain and Europe; the Americans have already signed also with Paris and are seeking locations in Madrid and Barcelona, and then “conquer” the increasingly strong market for Middle East. This investment involves the creation of almost 400 jobs and the intention is to open its center in Seville at Christmas next year. At Costco you can buy clothes, electronics, food, furniture, exercise equipment, of office... Book your accommodation in Seville city center and get the best deals.

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