Agnostic Front concert in Seville
Agnostic Front concert in Seville Agnostic Front concert in Seville will be held at the Sala Luxuria on December 3, 2013. If you are looking for accommodation in Seville to enjoy Agnostic Front, see our offers. This group from New York started his professional career in the early eighties. Its style is the hardcore punk. Currently the group is composed of five members: Roger Miret, vocalist, and Vinnie Stigma, guitarist, belong to the group since its creation. Both are accompanied by Mike Gallo, bass, Joseph James, guitarist and Pokey Mo, battery. Right now they are on tour in Spain and they come to Seville to present their latest album called "My Life, My Way" which was published in 2011. After Seville they will continue their tour of Malaga, Madrid, Murcia and Badalona. The groups Grankapo, from Portugal, and Truth fight throught from Jerez de la Frontera will act as openers. Come to Luxuria, street Torneo 43, and enjoy this concert on December 3 at 10 pm. Get your ticket from 18 euros in

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