Clinical Laboratory Congress 2014
Clinical Laboratory Congress 2014Seville will host the Clinical Laboratory Congress 2014 from October 15 to 17 at the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions (Fibes). This meeting is held annually for seven years, and Seville was the city which opened for the first time this Congress in 2007. Just 7 years later, the Clinical Laboratory Congress returns to Seville to share with its assistants developments both in the scientific field such as social.

8th National Congress on Clinical Laboratory in Fibes

The main topics to be addressed include how to manage a clinical laboratory in these times of crisis, new forms of management and organization, and geographical changes in clinical laboratories nationwide. The Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions in Seville meets all the requirements for holding such conferences, thanks to its excellent facilities, design, functionality, and good communication with the city center. Seville is the ideal place for the variety of opportunities, heritage, history, gastronomy, a large and quality hotel infrastructure, ultimately, an ancient city technologically and socially adapted to the times we are living.

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