Congress The Roman Villas ot the Betica in Seville
Congress The Roman Villas ot the Betica in SevilleThe Province House in Sevilla (Plaza del Triunfo, 1) will host the International Congress The Roman Villas of the Betica in Seville from 10 to 12 June 2014. The main objective of this conference is to present the world of science in general, and the public in particular, an updated view on the current state of the knowledge of the Roman Villas in Andalusia. Until the present day, studies of these villas have been fragmented and the knowledge about them is virtually nonexistent. This conference aims to promote the general interest in these villas.

Promotion of Roman Villas in Andalusia

Thanks to Archaeology of management, Andalusia has generated important information on the Roman villas in the last twenty years. This information is unknown or is not studied in depth. For this reason, this will be one of the main topics during this congress. The congress is within the Projects R+D+i: "The Roman villas of Andalusia: methodological renewal, archaeological analysis and patrimonial profitability" and "Roman cultural landscape and infrastructures in Andalusia".

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