EUBEA 2014 in Sevilla
EUBEA 2014 en SevillaOn 23 and 24 October, will be held in our city the award of the best events in Europe (EUBEA for its acronym in English). This type of event was being done for 8 years in the Italian city of Milan; for our city, is a unique opportunity because the EUBEA it brings together 300 professionals in creating events across Europe, possibility that the organizers may consider to Sevilla to have it as an option and make it headquarters of the events to be held, as these professionals are those who have the power of decision to select the cities where companies want to organize their events in a particular way.

EUBEA in Seville

This contest is open to any organizer, such as companies, event agencies, advertising, promotion and communication, provided that they are based in Europe. Also with the possibility of exchanging ideas and creating new business opportunities with professionals from across the continent. Prizes are be awarded based on innovation and creativity are three first places elephant gold, silver and bronze; Having also awards for greater creativity, best creative director of the year, the best agency, the smaller budget, among others.

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