Fossils in the monuments of Seville
Fossils in the monuments of Seville Fossils remains have been found on monuments of Seville older than the 70 million years. Rudist reefs from over 70 million years, that dominated the ocean when dinosaurs ruled the earth, scallops and sea urchins Tertiary ... It seems surprising, but all this and more is in the city of Seville. And not exposed in any museum, or in any field, but on the monuments, in view of the visitor, in the stone of its walls, columns, pilasters. To highlight this fact as significant of the heritage of Seville, has conducted an exhaustive inventory, and over it, has created a new and surprising tour, which follows the order of the geological periods and provides a representative sample of fossils and rocks of the region. The result: you can enjoy a pleasant walk, and at the same time, will visit the most representative monuments of Seville, see and touch the wildlife that ruled the seas before and after the extinction of the dinosaurs. With the help of expert guides and simple graphics, you will learn firsthand the history of the life, through the history of Seville. The route has a remarkable educational potential, that it could not miss. Has been developed for this reason an adapted version of the route to school children of various ages, with illustrations and activities to attract not only tourists but also teachers and their students, both in matters relating to Biology and Geology as History. Itinerary: Spain Square, Tobacco Factory, Cathedral, Archivo de Indias, Golden Tower Looking for hotel in Sevilla, check our offers.

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