Closing Ceremony of Biennial 2014
Closing Ceremony of Biennial 2014Juan Peña "El Lebrijano" close the Flamenco Biennial  of Seville with the show "The singing is written with L" on Sunday October 5 at Maestranza Theater. In this show there will be a tour of the most important moments in the life of the artist. In it, El Lebrijano will be accompanied by artists like José Valencia, Perrate, Ines Bacan, Diego Carrasco and Juan José Amador, among others. In addition, the concert will pay tribute to the deceased Gabriel García Márquez, with the staging of songs from the album "When Lebrijano sings water gets wet."

The singing is written with L

The show will begin with a block called "My name is Juan", which will include a tribute to Nobel and where his family sing "Cantiña of Pinini" (with the collaboration Tomás Perrate and Inés Bacán). The exceptional dance of Carmen Ledesma will also have a vital role in the gala. The second part begins with the arrival on the scene of Juan José Amador and Diego Carrasco, who will sing Lebrijano songs as "Free as the Air", "My conviction," "Tears of Wax" and "Give me liberty". His nephew Dorantes will be at the piano, and dancing be in charge of El Carpeta. The closing ceremony of the Bienal 2014 will start at 8:30 p.m. on Sunday October 5 at Maestranza Theater in Seville. The ticket prices for "Sing is written with L" range between 22 and 40 euros, and will go on sale September 1.

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