The most spectacular way to see Seville
Torre de los Perdigones Sevilla Due to its location bordering the Centre of Seville, and from 45 meters in height, the Tower of Perdigones offers great views of the city. From their viewpoint and his camera obscura will see a magnificent panoramic view of Seville. The dark camera is the main attraction of this tower. It projects an image alive and movement of what is happening at the same moment on the outside. In it you can see monuments, churches, the Guadalquivir River, and even the airport. The Dark Camera is an optical instrument capable of obtaining the plane of an image projection. It consists of a white screen, a mirror and a few lenses. Mirror and lenses are at the end of a tube located on the top of the screen as a periscope. Light enters through a window, falls on the mirror, and passes through lenses making that image is reflected on the screen. The result is like watching a motion picture. Daily from 10:00 to 18:00 hours. Duration of visit: 30 minutes. Prices: Adults €4 and children (under 12) €2,5. General information: Guided tour, sessions of 30 minutes, maximum of 10 people per session.Access by elevator and is allowed to take photos, also you can visit the lookout. Check out our offers of accommodation in Seville Centre.  

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