The Little Magic Flute at the Teatro de la Maestranza
The Little Magic Flute at the Teatro de la MaestranzaThe Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville hosts on Sunday May 3, 2015 the play The Little Magic Flute. In this version the protagonist is not the prince Tamino but birdman Papageno, who accompanied by a flute and piano, the adventures who lived with Prince on his journey to distant lands to rescue Princess Pamina, daughter of the Queen of Night and imprisoned the evil Sarastro. That trip will be full of surprises, as things, as in the comedies are not what they seem and music will bring the magic sounds to dance to people and animals. The Little Magic Flute recreates the story about an hour and ten minutes.

Seven families and school functions

In that vein, and in seven families and school functions Andalusians, the Teatro de la Maestranza again rely on Comediants for educational programming with a title that has become a classic of the genre: The Little Magic Flute production of the Gran Teatre del 2000 Liceu performing a children's adaptation of the own production of the famous Comediants Singspiel Mozart. An invitation to discover the pleasure of opera through an assembly flute -piano and reduced instrumentation but infectiously lively and cheerful starred for six singers-actors on a stage decorated with figures just wire, mobile and musical toys. FUNCTION FOR FAMILIES Sunday May 3, 2015 18.00 hours Prices localities between 8 and 14 euros. FUNCTIONS FOR SCHOOL Monday 4, Tuesday 5 and Wednesday 6 May 2015 10.00 and 12.00 hours only 7 euros price.

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