Marathon of Seville 2014
Marathon of Seville 2014The Seville Marathon 2014 celebrates its thirtieth anniversary on February 23, and has since launched the registration period . It is expected that this new edition is reached again a high participation and more than 7,000 runners calcen their sneakers to face the mythical distance of 42 kilometers and 195 meters in the circuit renovated Sevillian second time in history will visit all the main monuments of the city and will locate the target in the stadium of La Cartuja . If you participate in this event and look for center Hotel in Seville , see our promotions  with promo code  Marathon 2014 . One of the objectives of the organization will continue the process of internationalization of the test and settle the Seville Marathon world circuits , has been achieved in 2013 with the arrival of 1,167 foreign athletes , with athletes from 53 nations in the line, and more than 70 % of marathoners arrived in the city from outside the province of Seville . The 2014 Seville Marathon maintain the successful developments of 2013 , new circuit absolutely flat and the center of the city , visiting all the major sights and attractions in Sevilla and will soon present new initiatives and improvements to make the test more comfortable to over 7,000 marathoners who are expected to take the exit on 23 February. Their renewed circuit, the fastest in Europe and approved by the RFEA will tour the most important places of the city, such as the Plaza of Spain, the Torre del Oro , La Giralda , El Parque de Maria Luisa and La Maestranza . Registration can be done online at the official website

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