Marathon of Seville 2014
Marathon of Seville  2014The XXX edition of the Seville Marathon , which will take place on February 23, 2014 , and beat , three months to go , the historical record of participants in this trial . This is an unprecedented success in the records of this event , which last November 30 officially closed its 9,000 entries with dorsal exhausted , the first marathon with Spain that manages to do so in advance. In addition , the marathon became more participants Andalusia . If you want to travel downtown and nearby accommodation see our prices. However, what is most striking has been the consolidation of this test internationally , reflected in the 18'1 % of foreign registry , involving more than 1,600 runners from European countries , including Portugal are , UK, France and Italy with a higher rate of participants. Also increase competitors from different parts of Spain , with a significant number of participants in Madrid ( 851 ) , Castilla -La Mancha (325 ), Catalonia ( 322) , Basque Country ( 126) and Murcia ( 122), while the capital Andalusian provides about 2,600 marathoners . delegade Sports, María del Mar Sánchez , presents data Marathon 2014 with director FIBES , Gaspar Sáez . Tolo Parra The circuit will maintain the innovative features incorporated in the last edition , remaining as the flattest marathon Europe and a tour through the historic district and to allow participants to enjoy the most emblematic places of the city . The output will be advanced 250 meters , ranking outside La Cartuja, and will have before it a distance of 42,195 meters in the step of the Plaza of Spain, the Torre del Oro, the Giralda and La Maestranza is included . Once again, Marathon achieved combine sport and tourism in a single event that is expected a great show . In addition , the streets fill with music again thanks to entertainment groups to be shared by various parts of the city and enliven the tour participants and observers.

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