The Memory in Seville

The Memory in SevilleOn January 17, 2015 we will enjoy the flamenco show The Memory in Seville at La Maestranza Theater.

With this show it is intended to link the old wisdom of the past with contemporary future, which will bring together great artists from over 70 years to convey with their art all their wisdom about this genre.

Flamenco in Seville

Memory will include the participation of Angelita Gomez, Antonia la Negra, Canela de San Roque, Carrete de Málaga, El Boquerón, Gómez de Jerez, Gualberto Garcia, Jose Menese, Merengue de Córdoba, Paco del Gastor, Paco Taranto, and Rafael Rodríguez El Cabeza.

The show starts at 20:30. The ticket prices will range from 26-43 euros. You can purchase your tickets through, by phone at 954 22 65 73 or directly to the theater box office. Box office hours from Monday to Saturday, and Sundays and holidays with show from 10:00 to 14:00 and 17:30 to 20:30.

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