Monastery of La Cartuja in Seville
Monastery of La Cartuja in Seville Very close to our hotel in the center of Seville. The right bank of the Guadalquivir River in 1399 is built the Monastery of La Cartuja, which takes its name from the Catholic order of the Carthusians. For four and a half centuries of life as a monastery, suffered several floods, as a result of flooding of that river. Its sponsors and protectors have been notable Sevillian families , among which are the Mena, Rivera and Veragua. As important information, in this monastery was housed Christopher Columbus and his sepulcher too. Within its artistic heritage inside the monastery of La Cartuja we can find works by Zurbarán, Murillo, Alejo Fernández and Pedro Roldán. In the late nineteenth century, monks were expelled from the monastery and was besieged by the French turning it into their headquarters. For 1839, the monastery comes alive again when an English merchant Charles Pickman establishes a pottery factory, now known worldwide for its products and quoted as collectible item. Housed in the year 1992 the Royal Pavilion at the Universal Exhibition. Inside you can find atriums, chapels, museums and the Andalusian Centre of Contemporary Art (CAAC), which are held various exhibitions and congresses. As a curious note, in the back of the monastery are the gardens and orchard of it, which supplied the monks and the community, in these gardens we can find wells dating back to the sixteenth and seventeenth century, and if we're lucky we can see some paranormal phenomenon, since the monastery is one of the buildings that make up the route Seville thrilled places. The schedule of the monastery are Tuesday through Friday from 10:00 to 20:00 and on Saturdays from 11:00 to 20:00 and Sunday from 10:00 to 15:00. Mondays is used to close the campus. The ticket prices are from 1.80 euro for what is the monumental visit and exhibitions or 3.01 euro for the full tour. If you are looking for hotel deals in the center of Seville ask us

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