New international flights to Seville
New international flights to SevilleThey have set new international flights to Seville arrived from Europe. Lufthansa is the airline that will connect the airport of Seville with German cities as Munich and Frankfurt.

Europe more connected to Seville

This means it will be connected to the largest civil airport in Germany and one of the most important worldwide, as is the airport of Frankfurt. The routes are as follows: Seville-Frankfurt: Thursday (26/03) at 13:40 h .; Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (31/03-24/10) at 13:20 h. Frankfurt-Seville: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (31/03-24/10) at 9:20 am. Seville-Munich: Sunday (29 / 03-18 / 10) at 12:45 h. Munich-Seville: Sunday (29 / 03-18 / 10) at 8:55 am. There will also be a direct flight to London via British Airways, London Gatwick-Seville on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. Departure at 15:25 h. / Arrival at 19:10 h. And Seville to London Gatwick on Mondays, Thursdays Fridays and Sundays departing at 19:55 h. arrival at 21:40 h. In this dynamic is the Sun Express airline too, connecting Seville with the German city of Duesseldorf on Monday (25/05-22/06) at 18:35 h., Monday (29/06-19/10) at 11:00 am, and Wednesday (06/05-21/10) at 10:30 h. This initiative is a very positive result, because with these new routes Seville will be connected with over 156 cities worldwide.

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