Ornithology in Seville and province
ornithology Seville The province of Seville is the most extensive province of Andalusia and therefore has great natural wealth. Its surface is divided into three distinct areas: the Sierra Morena to the north, depression Andalusia from east to west and south Betic Cordillera. It is therefore a large array which develop naturally in many different activities. One such activity is the Birdwatching, which is becoming more relevant in ecotourism, beginning to have a significant development in the province of Seville, and it is an area with great potential. Birding Sevilla seeks to enhance the tourism value of natural heritage and ornithological this area of the peninsula as well as convert to the province in respect of this type of tourism in different areas such as the Sierra Norte, Sierra Sur or Doñana or the combination of the three. It is therefore a totally different product that allows you to discover the province of Seville as never before done.

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07 de Noviembre de 2019 a las 21:28:55
La sierra sur sevillana tambien existe.

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