Gastronomic Heritage of Seville

Gastronomic Heritage of Seville Tourism Consortium of Seville and the Provincial Hotel Association have launched a new initiative with the aim of creating a new tourist attraction of the city: the mark "Gastronomic Heritage of Seville", with which to distinguish 14 best tapas and dishes of sevillian establishments, and that will make a guide created for it. The Sevillian people and tourists will be performing this guide through their votes (until September 5 at Later, a group of experts will decide, based on the most voted options, tapas and dishes that deserve "Sevillian Gastronomic Heritage". This initiative is important because those who visit our city get a 4.5 on 5 to the cuisine of Seville, which is one of the main motivations for visiting Sevilla. This guide also show 10 bars or restaurants "Sevillian Gastronomic Heritage" and each year will be added the winners of the Tapas World Fair. Book in the hotels of Seville center and enjoy this and all of our city events.

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