Bullring of Seville
Maestranza Seville Who does not visit La Maestranza in our city , it's like visiting lacked something fundamental , is a must for tourists and for true fans of bullfighting. The history of this monument erected to honor the bullfighting , dating back to the years of 1760 and construction was carried out for 120 years, the idea of its creation was to concentrate a real bullring and so, eliminate small temporary seats were built with wooden materials that were located throughout our city. The four phases of evolution are developed from the Real Felipe V permit so they could hold bullfights, this happened in the year 1730 , for the years of 1761 it was decided to start with the building and so on until 1785 when Charles III suspended runs , were 60 years of period in which no construction progressed and what was built was already obsolete and the neglect of the work, almost abandoned. In 1845 , with the construction restarts and 1914 , the bullring La Maestranza looks like until today ; presumptuous rises before the eyes of all those who visit and thanks to regular maintenance and looks maintained these days. It's been almost 400 years since it was decided to perform this work of architecture , today celebrates the best runs of the nation, with internationally renowned bullfighters in its elegant designs have been going through the corridors to large personalities whole , including Ava Gardner , Rainier of Monaco and Grace Kelly his distinguished wife , the Duke of Alba and Italian royalty , without missing the Queen Victoria Eugenia , the current King of Spain with their children , Prince of Asturias and the Princesses Elena and Cristina . Fundamental Temple history of bullfighting , the bullring of La Real Maestranza , has a category of cultural interest and is the third most visited monument in Seville, after the Cathedral and the Real Alcazar. Our hotel in Seville is close to the Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza

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