Sevilla city of Cruises
Sevilla city of Cruises During the year 2013, 19 cruises will stop over in the Dock of the Delicias of Seville. Gradually, Seville is turning into one of the most important interior cities as tourists relates of cruises. During 2013, the Port of Seville will receive 19 cruises, more than double the previous year. This means that more than three thousand tourists of cruise will arrive at Seville within a period of a month. Also, the shipping companies that stop over in Seville are some of the most prestigious and luxurious in the world, and Seville will welcome customers with high purchasing power. The first ship that will come to Seville will be the Azamara Quest, on March 26, at Easter with 700 passengers. The ship will be in port 3 nights and will leave on March 29. Later, the Corinthian II, L'Austral, Tere Moana, the Deutschland and again the Azamara Quest. All of them during April. On May 3, the Quest for Adventure will arrive at Seville. If you are looking for hotels in the Centre of Seville, close to the port, check out our website and discover our offers.

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