Theatre Maestranza & Pasion Vega
Two pianos with Pasión (Letters from New York) The warm voice and soulful Passion Vega and temperamental Valley duo piano team up to offer Two Pianos with Passion (Letters from New York), a unique show that will have its world premiere on 28 September at the Theatre la Maestranza in Seville. Although from very different areas of music, Pasión Vega paths Valley and brothers are recognized by critics and audiences in their respective genres. Pasión Vega is known to all. His unmistakable and elegant when interpreting a wide range of music, has led her to perform in the main stages of our country and Latin America. For its part, the piano duo formed by brothers Victor and Luis del Valle, one of the most important chamber ensembles of the current scene, showing the validity and value of classical music through their heartfelt interpretations and emotionally charged. The energy of the brothers has conquered and most important theaters and concert halls in Europe and Latin America. With the constant search for new ways of understanding music as a common link, Pasión Vega and Valley duo unite in a show that focuses on the fusion of both styles, offering their particular interpretation of a repertoire somewhere between classical and popular, under the direction of Vanessa Martinez and musical arrangements by Alberto Martin Diaz. Two Pianos with Passion (Letters from New York) is a round trip across the Atlantic to where intermingle works of Manuel de Falla, Agustín Lara, Ernesto Halfter, Federico García Lorca, Manuel Infante, Santos Discépolo, Satie ... In the words Valley of the brothers, "A hug between classical and popular music ... between jazz, flamenco, klezmer, fado, the music hall, the song ... without losing sight of the influences of classical composers." But the show is also "A trip back in time through music, a chance to glimpse the beauty of some songs that have within them the elixir of youth and that after a century and reach the heart remain exactly as they did the day of its release. "- pointing Pasión Vega. Two Pianos with Passion (Letters from New York) will give us, in short, a new stage and musical miscegenation where popular classic and merge into an evocative and amazing journey. The show will be presented worldwide in season opens Seville Maestranza Theatre, inaugurating the Great Performers cycle. Tickets are now on sale in World Premiere September 28th 20:30, Teatro de la Maestranza, Seville If you look for hotels in Seville near the Theatre Maestranza, consult our offers

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