Flights to Seville airport
Flights to Seville airport An increase in flights at the airport of Sevilla in 2014 on international routes are expected. It is estimated that the number of passengers declined in 2013, although no official data are not yet known. However, the fall season data denote a surge in flights and international routes, which surpass nationals.  If you are looking a hotel near the airport in Seville, see our deals with breakfast included. As a mater of this good news, Jesus Caballero, the airport manager notes that there are now more international than domestic routes in winter and in the summer season are now four consecutive years in which this tendency is appreciated.

 Increased flights from UK, Netherlands and Portugal

 During this season an increase of 12% for flights to UK, 41% in Holland and Portugal with 6.5% are expected. Stresses that have quadrupled significantly flights to Switzerland, for what have been key routes opened by EasyJet from Geneva and Basel. Part of the promotion of these two lines has been visited by a group of Swiss journalists to Seville. Borja Lozano explains, as commercial director of the airline, with the opening of these two routes and expanding operating between Sevilla and Gatwick, provides for increase to 140,000 passengers this year, and highlights the great potential of this airport.  From the City Hall also clear support for the promotion is being provided. For them, ensures Gregorio Serrano, CEO of Tourism that in FITUR will be celebrate a meeting to impulse Destination Seville, entity that also joins the Board and join unions to be held strategies and objectives. Independent of this entity are expected to be instituted an Airport Coordination Committee that will also launch a plan to boost the terminal.  

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